Sunset and Spine

A short late afternoon wander around Gaddings Dam, in the hope of catching the lead runners in The Spine Race.

There are actually two races, the main event follows the full 270 miles  of the Pennine Way, whilst the ‘short’ Challenger is a mere 108 miles.  Both start simultaneously in Edale and travel northwards, experiencing relatively kind weather this year with just the odd snow shower, gales and rain storms.

Using the excellent live online tracking it was possible to follow the progress of the runners as they approached but other commitments meant a descent back home just before the first came through along Warland drain, the competitors continued to trickle through throughout the night but I resisted the temptation to go back up at midnight, maybe next year!

Not a wasted journey, as managed to catch a great sunset at the Basin Stone.

Sunset at the Basin Stone


Gaddings Dam

Looking over Gaddings Dam – only a slight filter!