I am the Resurrection

I am the resurrection and I am the light…

Exactly this time last year I suffered a rapid decline in the space of a couple of days that led to weeks of barely being able to walk, and months off running. Many times I thought I would never walk normally again and that running was over forever.

So to complete a 16.3km run on Easter Sunday this year is more than pleasing, it is a miraculous reprise!

All in all not a brilliant week, but at least I feel I am still on the ascension. After running up to the packrun on Wednesday, I suffered a mild sprain to left ankle after less than a mile.  No problem continuing but a bit sore afterwards and a tight right calf (overcompensating?) meant I decided to pull out of the planned GP race at the Caldervale 10 on Friday and ‘rest’ instead with a few hours of allotment weeding and an hour on crosstrainer.

Saturday was a trip to Huddersfield parkrun, with another epic 620 runners. Despite this a relatively clear line round the outside of the first loop saw me through the 1st km in 4:30 bang on planned target 22:30 pace, probably somewhere around 150-200th. Unfortunately there was then a guy with a buggy ahead that forced me to overtake. Then a bright orange girl that was dazzling me forced me into another overtake, then… and before I knew it I was carving my way through to 47th and a sub21. Oops. Felt good though.

Sunday legs were feeling tired but went for another lunchtime long run with no breakfast. Set off with no particular plan, thought maybe do 2 miles, maybe 5? First mile felt tired and nearly turned back, but decided to keep going. Finally legs started working around 5th mile and instead of returning home, added another loop to take it to 16.3km – just 30 metres short of this year’s longest run.

Monday was another Cannonball Race, this time the Hollingworth Lake 5k. With a trinity of races including a 1 mile fun run and a wheelchair race, it meant an early start to help out and it was difficult to fit a warm up in, only just making it to the start line in time.

trace 210414 hollingworth5kI was undecided on race plan – either an even effort all the way for the relatively flat course, or a split race, first 4k slower, last bit fast – and didn’t really decide until hitting the 1st km in 4:11 – an even effort would be 21 mins, so aimed at that. 4:11 for the 2nd km and same for the last km which hid a torrid race when I struggled for breath and never really tested my tired legs.

Felt like I had virtually stopped mid race despite easing off slightly due to a couple of pains in tendon, but checking afterwards saw the 3rd km was 4:20 and nowhere near as bad as it felt – had I seen that whilst running then I would probably have coped better with the 4th km, which came in at nearly 5 minutes despite being more downhill.

Overall 21:44 was an ok time, but should have felt much more comfortable. With a tough 10 mile race in a couple of weeks, will be easing off pace in any case for the next 4 weeks.