White Rabbit

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you’re going to fall…

More missed running as I shook off latest virus and then plunged straight into an easy hilly 10 miles on Thursday evening, followed by 10k on Friday.

An unexpected surplus of helpers on Saturday meant an unplanned run at Watergrove parkrun and clocked a comfortable 21:51.

Sunday was another GP race at the Guiseley Gallop 10k trail race, again no desire to put a significant effort in as still not over cold. Ran reasonably well moving up through the field but suffered breathing issues near end and really struggled on final climb, dropping a chunk of time. GPS

Monday felt much better and put in a decent run at the Hollingworth 5k, after a comfortable start moved on well, in part due to some good pacemaking rabbits to chase, to hit a surprising 19:13. GPS

After a 9.8km packrun on Weds, headed up to the Lakes to recce the middle section of Duddon Fell Race, with a view to deciding on whether to enter. Easier to navigate (in good air) than I expected but deferring a decision until as late as I dare. GPS

Another unexpected Watergrove parkrun as we had plenty of volunteers but paced it steady as had Wardle Skyline in the afternoon. With a couple of old school friends present and just ahead heading up to the reservoir I switched my planned steady tactics to a more aggressive early attack and even caught Dave C up on the way up. Nice bit of sun but too much wind and steadied effort over the tops but a slightly tentative downhill lost me a shedload of places as foot tendon struggled.

A slight easing off left enough in the tank for the sting in the tale climb and made some good ground at the end for a pleasing 56:56 and 56th place. GPS

Sunday was the first of three halves in three weeks, starting with the tricky to pace Baildon Boundary Half. It overlapped with last week’s Guiseley Gallop route and then a long flat canal section before a tough climb into the moor after about 8 miles. It was all going well until then, when breathing issues struck again, same as last week. Switched off and lost ground needlessly, before a stronger run in to the finish but every uphill was poor, just squeezed inside 1:45 target with 1:44:53. GPS