All it takes is patience,
just a little patience

AdobePhotoshopExpress_5743dd8a0bea468882f085415a2fdc5eIn the quest for a 10k PB, bought 2nd pair of new road shoes in a month and took them for a quick 6km spin on Wednesday, seem much lighter so likely to go with them for Scarborough.

Didn’t want to mucky them up at Ron Hill 5k on Thursday, so back to old shoes and decided to make it a final speed session.  After a steady first km upped effort to cross line in 19:06. Felt like I could have gone faster but reluctantly didn’t push too hard. GPS


Another 5.2km shoe test on Friday, and decided to try them out at Swinton 10 on Sunday.  Despite it being a GP race I decided not to race it all out but rather use it as a training run.

Run almost went to plan, very comfortable first 5 miles but was nearly a minute up due to some dodgy revised mental arithmetic in the first km as I switched to faster plan B option (Plan B was 34min first lap & hopefully slightly quicker 2nd lap – actually managed 33:09/33:05)

Upped pace as planned for second lap but a little more than intended! I knew it was too fast but decide to have a bit of fun and then test mental attitude when tired.  A steep sting in the tail climb to the finish would definitely be a test!

It made the last 3 miles interesting but still very enjoyable run throughout apart from the last 20 seconds when I saw the clock at the finish and put in my best stomach churning push for the line to surprisingly squeeze inside previous best from Lytham by just 13 seconds.

An accidental PB of 66:14 GPS – shoes rubbed toes slightly, but overall felt good and seemed to improve foot landing position and leg flow so will go with them for Yorks Coast 10k. I can’t decide if they are half a size too small and the slightly lower heel drop meant slightly sore achilles/calves afterwards.