Diary of Horace Wimp

Make a stand and be a man,
And you will have a great life plan

Took a couple of days off to recover from last weekend, making Wednesday’s Brownhouse Wham Trail the first run of the week.

I didn’t really feel brilliant and an inadequate warm up followed by a too quick start that meant it was a struggle all the way up. Tendon didn’t feel right with pain every step and mechanics just didn’t seem to be flowing at all, possibly as a result in the increase in off road running this month.

I gradually recovered whilst gaining places on two laps of reservoir with tendon finally easing on lap 2 to allow a good third km. Coming off the reservoir, my legs tired badly on short climb, breathing started struggling and tendon painful again. I instantly wimped out of anything that resembled trying and just eased off for the run back down. Poor effort, poor attitude, didn’t really enjoy it, but not too bad a time of 19:44 considering. GPS



DCIM100MEDIATo balance this out I went on a fun run on Thursday. It was a lovely evening and too nice to waste. Took new camera to practice photos on the move.



I was not really sure where I was going which always gives a great feeling of freedom and just set off up the road with the sole aim of enjoying a run. Briefly considered going up to Gaddings but decided not to add to the combination of a frisky looking cow and a dog walker descending.

Went harder on climb up causeway at Lumbutts before settling back to leisurely pace and inevitably ended up at Stoodley Pike, just missing a nice sunset as sun was swallowed up in a bank of cloud on horizon a couple of minutes before I got there.



Saturday was a third double run day in as many weeks, starting off at Carlisle parkrun. A classic 3 laps round a park, with some rippled grassy bits thrown in. After running first 3km aiming around 5:00 min pace, I was struggling to keep pace down, so upped to 4:30ish for 1500m, and then finally unleashed a 500m hard effort, on the mainly gentle uphill finish for 23:15. GPS

AdobePhotoshopExpress_71199b6004c040a5ac94379ca71331d1Popped into Acorn Bank NT for coffee and toast, plus a wander round the gardens before heading onto the Great Westmorland Trail Race. A 7ish mile trail-fell run that promised an uphill start, a nasty hill in the middle and a nice downhill finish back in time to pick up a handsome afternoon tea!

A nice early arrival allowed a good warm up and although not feeling full of energy was hopeful of a good run.

I set off nice and steady, quickly slipping backwards in the initial rush along the road. Once out onto the hills the hard track softened and I eased my way up through the field, as the climb continued for some way. I was really happy I was pacing well and after a brief respite it was up again and more places gained.

Had the feeling I was probably reaching my ‘rightful place’ but pushed on a little more to settle behind one of many Chorlton runners.

After a bit of down, there was more up and I felt good enough to gain a couple more places, and settle behind another Chorlton. We then swapped places and got past yet another Chorlton to close in on a Bingley woman, with a yellow guy a bit further on.

This definitely felt at my limit, especially with an expected tough climb to come, and settled for trying to keep yellow & Bingley in sight.

The ground had been hard and dry, possibly a little too much and I’d gone over an my ankle slightly a couple of times, but we then hit a softer wet section that sucked energy out of my legs and wish for harder ground.  A slight wobble started a pain in tendon, and I again took the easy option of slowing, letting Bingley & Chorlton get away.

After a poor km full of negative thoughts, started coming round and realised that the gap to yellow, who the other two had caught, hadn’t really changed much.

This gave me a boost and then we hit the climb, legs went and I instantly walked, getting caught by a few behind. Managed to get a good run walk pattern going to stay ahead and close the gap to three ahead.

As slope eased was feeling positive again but legs suddenly tired and head went, all too easily giving up again.

Place after place lost, until legs getting badly nettled shook me back to reality but motivation had gone and another place lost as we reached top of climb.

Any hope of recovering them soon vanished as the descent was no good for tendon, and more places lost as I slowed to protect it, and wimped over the line minutes behind where I should have been in 58:12. GPS

A lovely race, that I didn’t really do justice and a great afternoon tea and coffee at the finish, one to go back to in the future.


DCIM100MEDIA DCIM100MEDIADitched plans for a 10 mile race on the Sunday for a leisurely walk up Harter Fell above Haweswater instead.